I have got a strange problem with a keyboard in Gnome.
The keyboard works fine in gdm login window, but when I login in to Gnome the keyboard stopped:
Nothing displays when I press any key jsad.png

I try to delete _all_ files/directories (with "dot" files/dirs ) in my homedir and login to Gnome. I expect for default
gnome session, but gnome-panel starts with some of my configs. Why??? icon_evil.gif

Then I restore my homedir content and rename a user:

#usermod -l new_user user

When I login to Gnome, some of my config lost and keyboard worked fine.

Then I rename the user back, set WindowMaker as my window manager:
$ cat .xsession
exec /usr/bin/wmaker

Login to X, start gnome-panel manualy - keyboard works fine!!!
After using gnome-font-properties the keyboard stopped.
I think, the problem is in some of Gnome configs, but I don't know where it is stored.
Denis Kostousov
email: sandelloTHEDOGpermonline.ru
jabber: sandelloATjabber.org
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