Using an IBM Optical Mouse (MO28BO)- three buttons (the wheel, when
clicked, is the 3rd button). Xandros installed, instead, a 2 button

Now, every frew minutes while in Firefox (1.0), all of a sudden several
days after Firefox was installed, a small copy of the Firefox icon will
suddenly start appearing when I press the up cursor button.

As I move the mouse, a trail of Firefox icons follows it. Then, an
entirely new copy of Firefox launches.

Even when I'm in another app (e.g., Text Editor), the up cursor when
pressed invokes another launch of Firefox.

I should like to curtail this behaviour, as well as arrange for the
wheel, when clicked on a tab, to close it, as it does in Windows.
Needless to say, Xandros is rather new to me, although I have a little
experience as a Solaris user and occasionally have written small

Thank you kindly.