Hi, I have a strange problem some with linux's distributions.

I installed (1 year ago) the mandrake 10.0 community on my system (AMD
64 3200+, asus k8v se, 1024mb ddr, 120gb sata hdd), but i leave it
because i had many trouble, so i delete all on the hdd and I used
windows xp. Lately I tried to install again the same mandrake 10.0
community, but when i put in the cd andh the installation begins, after
few seconds stops and..."freezes"... exactly when the program is setting
up the hardware.

so i decided to use a live version, the suse 9.2 for 64 bit, but once
again the program stops on the setting up! if i press esc, i see that
the program is freezed on this voice: "STARTING PCMCIA"

but i dont have any pcmcia device! in the bios there arent no voices
about that!

what i can do?
in this year i didnt change my hardware, but only bios settings (only
the ram latency and boot priority)

I hope someone could help me...