I am running Fedora core-3. it shares a belkin mouse/keyboard/moinitor switch
box with 2 other PCs (windows-xp and xandros). when i switch from fedora to,
say, the xp pc and then eventually come back to fedora, my mouse is unusable.
it's not that there is no response, it's that the slightest movement creates a
beehive of insane program selection activity (as if i were superman with the
mouse:moving/clicking with astonishing spees).

i seem to recall having this problem years ago with RH 8 or 9 and fixed it by
twiddling something in XF86Config or some such. not only can i not remember what
i did to resolve it then, but i cannot even find XF86Config on fedora.

i recently upgraded to fedora (from rh-9) on 'general principles'...i clearly
did not do my homework wrt understanding the differences. my laziness aside, i
cannot seem to find any info on this problem. i managed to figure it out in the
past but have failed in doing so this time around. i gotta believe i'm not alone
with this issue.

any advice?


- rich