I am running suse 9.2 on a 20 gig. hard drive with a 200 gig seagate hard
drive as storage for dual boot with xp. it is ntfs as is the xp partition.
I can see the 200 gig. with xp but not suse. I also can see the xp
partition(ntfs) with suse so i'm pretty sure it isn't an ntfs problem. when I
first booted suse it asked me if I wanted to "configure" the 200 gig. it
wanted to format the drive. I have stuff on it and did not let it format
my drive. I know with windows the os has to be able to handle the 48-bit
lba.does linux have the same problem? I really want suse to have access to
this drive. all my books on mp3 are there. can you help?? thanx