Hello All
I have an Abit vp6 mobo that has a highpoint 370 raid controller
I find myself with two nice 80 gig drives and I'd like to setup the raid
controller and mess around with it
how does this work
there is a screen during boot that lets you get into the raid bios and
create the array
what do you do in linux to mount it/get access to it?
also, how does this compare to software raid
I've messed with software raid and was disappointed with the performance
I'm under the impression hardware raid would be much faster
the vp6 has dual processors so I was hoping the software raid would would be
pretty fast but it wasn't (I want to do striping)
in all fairness my experiments with sofware raid were done using some kinda
ancient scsi drives, the ide drive I want to mess with now should be much
faster I think

highpoint has drivers available here


but when you unzip them there is no README file and a bunch of what look
like images to make boot dosks??