Hello All,

I find myself in the nice position of building a box with spare hardware
I've got two dual cpu mobo's, an Abit bp-6 and a vp-6
the vp-6 has faster cpu's but I'm having stability problems with it, but
that's another problem.
My question has to do with disk performance
I have 2 nice maxtor 80 gig drives with 8 meg of cache
pretty nice drives
both mobo's have 4 ide ports, the bp-6 has ata-66 ports, the vp6 has ata-100
the drives are new and can do ata-133
I'm not to concerned about redundency, I'm after performance
I can do either software raid with md-tools with level 0 striping, or use
what to me is the newly discovered lvm stuff which can do striping as well.
I'll probably play with both, but I was wondering if anybody has any
experience and can tell me what to expect
I can make the 2 drives the masters on their own ide ports, what else
(besides tweaking hdparm stuff) will give me the optimum throughput??

Ideas? Opinions?