Beej-in-GA wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> Sort of weird questions from a rank Linux Newbie. Just installed Fedora
> Core 1 yesterday. My Audigy card is recognized by Gnome but no sound comes
> out of it. Does anybody have a guess as to when the 2.6 kernel is coming
> out or Fedora. I understand that this kernel will support the Audigy
> without recompiling. Does anyone know if this kernel will also support the
> NTFS system so I can move usable files to the Linux drive? Thanks for the
> help. Sorry to be dense.
> Later,
> Beej

I have almost the same situation. My Audigy 2 card is also recognized
(even passes the little demo sound test), but playing a CD or mp3s
yields nothing. Solution: I use the XMMS program to play mp3s instead.
The sound works fine for these, but I still can't listen to CDs.

For browsing drives that use NTFS, see my post in this group from
3/12/04. As you aluded to, Fedora Core does not support NTFS. However,
you can go to:
and install the appropriate RPM for your running kernel, which will in
turn allow you to browse an NTFS drive.