Gaikokujin Kyofusho wrote:

> Hi, does linux support partition compression? or are there any
> programs or filesystems that would enable such support? I realize
> that harddrives are cheap but in situations like eMule when it starts
> to download a file it sets aside a chuck of space (empty hull of a
> file that it "fills up" ). The problem
> is the hard drive things that 200GB are being taken up when really it
> is more like 30GB. Right now i use eMule with XP/NTFS since it
> supports compression but this would *not* be my first choice. Any
> help, pointers, ideas, etc would be greatly apprecated!

1. Compressed files you get with e.g. emule (almost) can not be further

2. Sparse files are files with here and there a byte. Linux already does
'compress' such files if requested. See 'man cp'. As you are downloading a
file with a P2P app, a sparse file will blow up to it's real size.

3. Can't you tell emule /not/ to pre-allocate drive-space?

4. Pre-allocating drive-space is convenient, because you won't get a 'out of
space' error in the middle of a download.


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