b_gandhi2k@rediffmail.com (B. Gandhi) wrote in message news:...
> Hi,
> I am having trouble with installation of Linux on a
> machine. I'd appreciate if anyone could please help
> me out.
> I have a computer with Win XP installed on it.It has a HDD
> of 80 gigs. The HDD has a single partition (the C: drive of
> XP). I want to create a separate 10 gigs partition and
> install Linux in it. I tried to use demo version of Partition
> Magic 8.0 for re-partitioning my HDD. Now the problem is,
> I resize my 80 gigs partition to 70 gigs and create one more
> partition with 10 gigs. Then I apply the changes in PM, but
> it does nothing and reverts back to a single partition of 80
> gigs. It shows a (*) with the operation of resizing drive C:
> and tells that "Boot mode required to apply changes". I tried
> rebooting the machine after applying all changes but in vein,
> still there is only one partition. Is the problem because of
> "demo version" of PM or am I missing something? Please help
> me out!!

Goodness only knows. Partition Magic is some Windows program. Try this instead: