I have recently installed Debian unstable on a machine built from an
Intel 865 board which includes 4 parallel ATA and two SATA interfaces.
On the parallel ATA I am running a Maxtor 250Gb 7200rpm 8.5ms access
drive, and on the SATA a Seagate 160Gb 7200rpm 9.45 ms access drive. I
have a test which involves opening a non-existent file for update and
reading and writing to various areas of it. My test runs in 10 minutes
on the parallel ATA and 13 minutes on the SATA, leading me to believe
that the SATA is at least 30% slower than the parallel ATA. The OS is
a 2.4.25 686 smp kernel. Is there anything else I should be doing to
achieve the kind of performance I would expect from SATA (ie around
20% faster than parallel ATA)?