I have successfully used VNC (and failed to use "native" X), to
"graphically" connect between a Win98 / XP machine and a Linux (Intel
PC architecture) machine where either machine acts as server or

Now I want to remotely control the Linux server (using VNC or
anything appropriate) where I do not have a dedicated screen or
keyboard on the Linux machine. Is it possible to boot the Linux server
without a directly attached console or screen - or spoof these in some
way? Maybe LAN access to some "box" that can then spoof the keyboard
and screen interfaces? I'm not at all clear how this could be
achieved, that's why I am asking. I'm really trying to avoid a
dedicated keyboard and screen - not for cost reasons - only for space
and heat dissipation. Any pointers to URLs that describe options (if
any) will be most appreciated.

When I say remote, initially the machines will be on the same
subnet to prove the principle but the target is to provide a DMZ where
I can access the server using ssh over the internet etc. All
techniques yet to be learned, of course.


Clive, UK