using redhat 9.0 src - 2.4.20-8
I've install the

all was ok here ,
i then added these lines to the modules.conf
# ALSA portion
alias char-major-116 snd
alias snd-card-0 snd-usb-audio
# module options should go here

# OSS/Free portion
alias char-major-14 soundcore
alias sound-slot-0 snd-card-0

# card #1
alias sound-service-0-0 snd-mixer-oss
alias sound-service-0-1 snd-seq-oss
alias sound-service-0-3 snd-pcm-oss
alias sound-service-0-8 snd-seq-oss
alias sound-service-0-12 snd-pcm-oss

here's whats happening , if i run a game say KPoker when the sounds in
the game come on the mouse stops moving and eventually i get a cpu
overload .

also if i try to play an audio cd i get no sound .
did i do something wrong ?
i'm new to linux , can anyone help ? also is there anyway to get the
remote to with alsa ?

kind regards,