I have an issue that I cannot resolve, I have resolved many Linux
issues with help from the web, but cannot find help with this one.

This is not a Networking problem, but an issue with the functioning of
the Network card.

I have a small home Network consisting of 4 machines, only 1 is Linux
for now, I am in the process of making this 3 of the 4 machines, but
the only thing holding me back is the slow network speed. With the Win
machines everything is good, I also have a cable connection to the

I have read and heard that Linux should be as fast or faster. I only
get about 60kb on downloads from the Internet, and only 24kb on my
network using SAMBA. I can copy to floppy and sneaketnet faster than

Using the Windows machines, even when I boot the same machine to
Windows, (I have 2 hard drives I am using to boot to each OS) My
Windows OS gets over 300kb from the Net and full speed on my 10 base
NIC's .

The card is on the SuSE compatible hardware list, and I was running
SuSE 8.0 on it earlier with no issues.

This lets me know that it is not the hardware, but must be a Linux
Network card set up or configuration issue.

It seems that Network and SAMBA setup issues are not real well fielded
in the self help for Linux sites. Or at least I cannot seem to find

I am using the new SuSE 9.0 Personal edition and everything else is
working great on it, The card is on the supported fully list on the
SuSE site, and when I un-install the 9.0 and install the 8.0, the card
works perfectly. I hardly use my Windows box and except for this
issue, I am ready to switch the rest of my machines to Linux.

I asked this question on this site earlier and the only response was
to check the duplex if it was set to full or half. I have searched and
do not know how to check or change the settings of this.

If you can help with this issue, please let me know.
My YAHOO handle if you use that is Linux_Hawk.

Thanks in advance... Michael Adams, New Port Richey Florida.