I have tried a couple angles on this and am still having challenges..

I have set out to build an Ethernet Bridge/Firewall for a GenII Honeynet
with some old hardware (PII-233mHz-80Gb RAM).. The machine has 3
interfaces. eth1 is to my internal protected net ( eth0 is
connected to my DSL modem. eth2 is connected to my hub where my 5 statics ip
addressed boxes sit. eth0 and eth2 are the same subnet 66.xxx.xxx.248/29...
So eth0 connects to the dsl provider where the default gateway for my subnet
I started with installing RedHat9 and followed what I could find for HOW
TO's.. I setup eth0 and eth2 with for their ip address and
configured eth1 appropriately.. Next, the HOWTO's called for updating the
kernel for the briding utils and ebtables to work properly.. I compiled a
2.4.23 kernel with the options needed for bridging and queueing (to allow
iptables to see the packets).. I connected eth0 and eth2 and configured the

[root@genii]# brctl addbr br0
[root@genii]# brctl addif br0 eth0
eth0 enters promiscuous mode
[root@genii]# brctl addbr br0 eth2
eth2 enters promiscuous mode

From what I have read, the bridge should now be working... But, I am not
seeing packets get passed through the interfaces. ifconfig -a will show
both eth0 and eth2 sending/recieving packets..

Did I miss something in my steps? Has anyone else successfully built a
bridge/firewall with RedHat 9? Any overall ideas on where to look to solve
this issue?