Hi everybody,

On our PC we've installed the Mdke 9.2 . For specific applications
installation we need the use of the command g77 (free fortran GNU/gcc

In fact during the first installation, with choosing the linux option
'development tools' we get the installation of gcc but the command g77
isn't recognized.

We'd to download and install separately the 3.3.3 version of gcc in a
separate folder. After the 'make' everything seems to work correctly
and we're now able to install the compoments that need the g77

So here's some questions :

1) why with the Mdke 9.2 distros there's no installation of g77 by
default considering the fact that gcc seems to be installed ?

2) what are the trouble induced by the installation of gcc in two
differents folder. We should use only one specific version located or
linked to a specific executable. What are the action we have to do to
have a sole version at hand on our system ?

Thanks, in advance, for your advice.

Your Sincerely