I had a mobo with the Intel BX chipset and could boot after cylinder
1023, but can't with the Via MVP3 chipset (BIOS version JE4333).

On the BX board i had 2 disks with the following partition layout and
NO problems:

(1st disk - 20GB)
hda1 Windows XP (15 GB)
hda2 Windows ME (5 GB) <--- after the 1024th cylinder, i think

(2nd disk - 8GB)
hdb1 Linux (7.5 GB)
hdb2 Swap (0.5 Gb)

On the VA-503+ mobo i also have 2 disks (30GB and 8GB) and want the
same layout as above, but the Windows ME partition won't boot Windows
ME after i install it, but will boot DOS.

Both disks are detected as LBA and LILO says that the system is LBA32
The MVP3 chipset is made by the VT82c586B southbridge and 82c598AT

Please help!