Hello Group - Greetings from Japan

I am having a dilemma with something and I am hoping someone can help.
We hired a local Japanese software firm to design our software package
which runs on a RH 7.3 box and my boss asked me to tell him how we

1. Find out in what order this software boots up
( i might be able to do this myself by looking over all the scripts
and conf files - any eaiser way ...)

2. How can we get this to boot quicker
( the system is so slow -> Other than shoving more ram in the box can
I do some little tweeks to speed things up ... Where can I find a link
with tweeks?)

3. How can I find out how much of my memory this software is eating
(df | less isnt working - I need to get specifics like windows task

4. Anything else that might impress my boss ...

Hey, I am sorry for being so vague but honestly I cant be more
specific because my boss would kill me if I mentioned the software by
name. Seriously though I am greatful for any help you can provide so I
dont have to call local guys and pay for them to so things for us.

Very Respectfully,

Adam - From the land of the rising sun