Hope to see u in good health.
I was surfing Internet for some Oracle resources, and I found that you are
a Guru in Oracle, so here Iam looking for some help, and following is my
set of Problem,

" I want to migrate a database which is currently running
Unix as Operating System and Oracle ver 6 as
Database, it is also using oracle froms version 3 (text base)
as Front End"
Now here is what I want to do
" I want to migrate that database from Oracle for Unix to
Oracle for Linux With retaining all the Forms, in other words all I want
is to change the Operating System!, nothing else, no change in Oracle or
Certainly no change is Forms"

I read other discussion forums and gathered the
following, i.e. the steps to migrate a Database from Unix to Linux.
1. Export the database from source machine,i.e. Export all the Databse
files using Oracle 7 Database Utility.
2. Install Oracle 8i on Linux Machine and Import that Database into Oracle
8i using Oracle 8i Database Utility.
3. Just Copy the Source Files of Oracle forms 3.3 from Unix Machine and
Paste then onto my Linux Machine.
4. Recompile those files.
5. The system is ready!.

Now kindly correct me if iam wrong in these steps, also I have few
questions in my mind.
1. How to Export an database in Oracle 6 for Unix.
2. How to Import an Database in Oracle 8i for Linux.
3. How to recompile the Forms 3.3 Files.
4. Do I have to follow the same directory structure as Unix, i.e. if the
form files are located at /usr/oracle/home on UNIX then should I follow
the same directory structure?

Thanks for your help in Advance.
Take care of ure self.
Azhar Bilgrami