I just put a 19" monitor on my box and took the 17" off.
Nvidia was working ok, at least the glx part was operational, my cool ass
"euphoria" glx screen saver worked great and Tuxracer was fine too.

Well, I switched monitors and then tried to reconfig it in yast.
It was a downhill ride from there.

After trying and failing several times to get either the 4496 or the new
5328 .run packages installed, I managed to get one of them going. I now
forget which one.

Anyway, glx is NOT operational. I can't do **** now.
When X starts I get the nvidia logo screen and then I cna log in and most
stuff works fine but no cool ass screen saver and no tux racer and all that
other glx loving stuff.

WTF is going on?? I was used to Mandrake and am new to Suse..

Suse 9.0 professional with stock 2.4.x kernel, nvidia gf4 ti4200
Everything was working pretty good until I fixed it. What did I fix??