I recently installed RH 9. It has installed a plethora of interesting
things on my, for want of a better term, "start menu." I have looked
around in the gnome documentation and through the various preferences
documents, and I cannot find any reference to how one either gets to
see, alter, add or delete the definitions of the various menu choices
(except for a select few).

There is lots of silly stuff, like how to change the color scheme,
background graphics, etc., but as far as doing anything substantive,
either they keep the info well hidden, or I am looking in totally the
wrong place.

Are we moving away from the traditional Unix environment in which
readily edited text files govern the configuration of almost
everything, and the gory details are only a 'man' command away? I
hope not --- I don't like the resemblance to that system from Redmond,

Thanks in advance.
- Jerry Oberle
perl -e 'printf "%silto%c%sberle%cearthlink%cnet%c", "ma", 58, "go",
64, 46, 10;'