On Mon, 15 Dec 2003 05:07:53 GMT, StvyLife wrote:
> I was trying to choose between suse 9.0 and mandrix
> and now I hear of knoppix 3.3?
> How do they relate to each other?

They use a linux kernel and have linux commands.

> Is the there any site which show them by ranking.

What does ranking mean to you.

> How easy is to switch from one to another ( to have to do a clean install
> everytime?)

Hey create a ~4 gig partition for Mandrake pick all 16+ pacakges from
the 3 cd set and seperate partitions for the
other distros.

Now you can have a quad boot system to play with each.
Use a lilo text boot loader installed into the mbr and you can up/down
arrow to select which distro to run if you do not let it autoboot the
default selection.