Maybe this is a FAQ, but I could be not able to find an answer myself.
In this case
very sorry.

We have cluster with 12 nodes: dual athlons and a fileserver (P4

All machines run RH 7.3 with kernel "2.4.20-20.7smp #1 SMP Mon Aug 18
EDT 2003 i686". Users are authenticated using LDAP. /opt/share is
via NFS with options: soft, nosuid.

The problem is that files with permission mode 711 (rwx--x--x) on
/opt/share can be read
by anyone on a nfs client (so it looks like on nfs filesystem 711 ==
755 ???). If I am on a server machine, I can only execute the
file (as should be). Also local files on a client machine with
permission 711
can only be executed by anyone but not copied. So it seems that NFS
makes bad
things with permissions - I did'nt find which side - client or server
(but possible server side).
I also tested situation when nfs server is SUN UltraIIi machine
(Solaris 8)
and client is RH 9 machine, and there permission on NFS mounted
work correctly.
Any idea, workaround, patch?
(NB: other permission rules work correctly, i.e. 700 or 750 deny
access to

Thanks for any suggestions!