I am trying to get linux running on my laptop, thro PCMCIA
Microdrive. Reason I wanted to do that is, my laptop belongs to my
company, hence I am not allowed to do any partitioning on the laptop's

So, I have KNOPPIX linux copied into my 2GB microdrive, and make a
linux bootdisk boot from drive a: . When booting the bookdisk, I keyed
in boot: mount root=/dev/hde1 (hde1 is the device of my microdrive).
After that it shows "Kernel Panic". I suspect the bootdisk (vmlinuz) i
created doesnt support pcmcia, but I am not 100% sure if this is
causing the problem. If it is, where do i find a bootdisk that can
detect the pcmcia?

anyone has any idea how can i solve this? or is there anyone that can
tell me a better way of booting a linux system from a pcmcia
microdrive? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.