I cannot get 7.2 to load from Harddisk using Fusion MPT adapter and 36GB
scsi disks. I load the driver for the adapter using the "boot: linux dd"
option, it loads fine, I partition the disks, install successfully then it
fails to reboot, cannot load the module. I've tried building a new initrd
with the "-with=mptscsih and -with=mptbase" flags and it didn't work

Years ago I had a new fast machine fail to boot SCO unix in the exact same
manner and it turned out to be that the driver reset the adapter first
thing and then after some length of timing loop then went on to read the
adapter and couldn't because the machine was too fast and the adapter had
not finished resetting yet. I cannot determine if this the same thing
because it happens too fast. The machine is a dual 2.4 Xeon.

Any ideas anyone.

Yes, a newer version of Linux works just fine, but the application that
this needs to run requires Redhat 7.2, it inserts a kernel level driver
and requires this specific kernel......

yes, this sucks...

Help anyone? Please?