over one freaking year and still, rivatv will NOT work with Mandrake 9.1

Does anyone know of a driver that I can use that will allow me to capture,
record, watch video on my Nvidia card?

I really, really wish I had never bought the f**king thing now. I really
should have bought another brand.
Nvidia support sucks. Rivatv support sucks. Mandrake support is not far

BTW, the card works perfectly when I boot under winbloz. It does not work
at all under Mandrake 9.1

There has to be a better way than this. No wonder people get pissed at
Linux. I've reached the snapping point on this issue.

I've compiled kernels for days on end and every single time they do NOT
work. They won't even boot. And after a few days of screwing with the
kernels my machine is so f**ked up it won't boot and all my sh*t is toast.
I'm not going to compile any more kernels, that doesn't work and I'm sick of
screwing my machine up. I need my machine to work.

I want windows off of my machine. It makes me sick that I have to boot that
mickey mouse crap just to capture video.

flame away, I don't give a damn..