i guys I need some help! I just get this second hand hardrive and
install in my PC! I install windows98 sec, and everything was okay
Windows was working okay on my PC and the time I try to make a
partition in my hardrive, using fips, okay what I did I Defragment
the hardrive and them I reboot my pc in ms-dos, and them I run the
program fips at the prompt... everything was okay and till I get this
warning ...

Last cylinder is not free
Since the new partition is created at the end of the old one and
contains at least one cylinder, the partition can not be split if
not at least the very last cylinder is completely free.
Probably there is a hidden file like 'image.idx' or 'mirorsav.fil'
in the last cylinder - see the doc. "

my question is how can I delete those files ( image.idx or
mirorsav.fil ) I can't find those files in the hardrive does anyone
help me out .. how can I delate those.......
What I need to do using ms-dos..? to make those files delete
Thanks in advance
I linuxs beginner