I've been using Linux on a PC (RH 7.1, 7.3 & now 8.0) for about 3 years,
so I know enough to be a hazard to my family.

My analog camcorder is dying and I want to go digital, but I don't want
to have to go back to MS to do it. Can you give me guidance here? I'm
a total neophyte in digital vidoe land.

I want to hear from people that:

take home movies on a digital camcorder.
edit home movies on Linux
watch their edited movies on a TV

And I want to know what you use and what you do and don't like about it
and if you could do things differently, what would you do.

You can write directly to me and I'll post a summary, or of course we
can have a nice (I hope) long thread here.

I'm willing to upgrade my hardware, my packages, my distro, etc. if I
need to. I just want it to work.

Thanks in advance!

-- Damon