I am thinking of moving to Linux having got tired of all the Windoze
issues - you all know what I mean.

I've used Linux years ago (RedHat V5) and work with Solaris on a daily
basis so will feel at home again.

I have a 1.2 G Athlon box with 512 M ram and 140G disk and figure this
should run any recent Linux distro no worries. What sort of
performance can I expect compared to Win2K ? Am a C++ developer so
will be using QT and gcc.

Hardware wise, I couldn't find anything at the Suse website about
compatability for my TDK DVD Writer (440N) or my Alcatel ADSL BT Frog
Modem. Are these likely to work - anyone had any luck with them ? Not
too worried about the frog as mean to move to a ethernet based router
soon anyway and guess this will work fine.

In the future would like to update to two screens, probably with a
Matrox P650 which is claimed to be Linux compatible. I guess Linux
will drive one desktop against two display a la Windoze ? Anyone got
that card working in dual DVI mode ?

Thanks for any help