Hi, I've been using Fedora and Redhat 9 for a while now. I still am a
relative newcomer though.

I've installed and played with Slackware, Vector Linux, Peanut Linux,
Mandrake 8.2 on, Morphix (HD Install), and FreeBSD. I always come back
to RedHat though, because IMHO it is a good desktop OS.

I've acquiredan old P150 Compaq Laptop. It has 1meg video ram, a 1.6
gig hd, standard 'old laptop stuff'. The rub is that I have no CDROM
for it. It also has no ethernet port.

My thinking was get a PCMCIA adapter and pull the files needed onto
the laptop.

Here is where my knowledge ends. . .

I excel in placing a cdrom in a drive and rebooting it to reinstall,
however, I need to know in a user friendly manner what should be done.

I'm thinking that I want to put Vector Linux 4 on it, as the ISO is
only 200 megs.

So, I get a pcmcia card, the laptop has Win ME on it now, connect to
the samba share on my harddrive, move the ISO over to the laptop, and
then what. . .?

Also, I am a broke kinda person, so if someone could recommend a
10baset pcmcia card that is known to be a linux friendly card and is
easily obtainable on ebay, I'd appreciate it. . .

If anyone has recommendations of other distros, I'd appreciate it,