So what I've been reading Linux primary graphics engine is X11 which
does not support channeling out to printers Also depending on the
printer connected you have to keep in mind what graphics protocol you
are using (Postscript/HPGL, etc.)

(I am a Mac guy; QuckDraw renders to both the screen and any printer -
with a driver - this is a very different concept here.)

Also since there is no quickdraw you can't just plop in something like
a PICT vector resource and expect it to render it (like logos, you
have tio use bitmaps right?)

Now if I were to output say a calendar template I would have to code
the template at least two ways, one with the screen engine in mind
like TkInter and then if I wanted to reproduce the same calendar on
the printer (assuming all my staff have the same models (yeah, right,
they have Postscript LaserJets and Epson Inkjets), I would say
generate the code in Postscript.

The questions:
1. Am I correct or is there some unified graphics library/module that
can be used for both screen and printers that will work with say
Python or PHP (I'm looking to redo a database app using ??SQL with
some language frintend, but need to create/auto-fill fancy forms,
calenders and such like I do on FoxBase +/Mac).

2. Can a program send data direct to the printer or does it have to
generate a postscript (or whatever file) and then activate through
some wizardry another program that automatically (or manually) does
the printing?

3. if there are such libraries do they support symbol sets/macros so I
can combine elements to make the image more efficiently?

Thanks for whatever answers you have.

Larry Anderson