Hi. Does anyone know if there is a 'debug-all' program for Linux? I
envisage something like a rule-based Expert System, but the rules
would be able to do things such as run commands, and check the results
with regular expressions. The idea would be that once the engine has
been written, rules checking for problems could be easily written.

let nvidia = `/sbin/lspci` =~ /VGA Compatible.*Geforce/;

let nvidiaDriver = `cat /usr/lib/XFree86 | grep nvidia`;

let nv = `cat /usr/lib/XFree86 | grep 'Driver.*"nv"';

if $nvidia && $nv && not $nvidiaDriver
error "You are using a machine with an Nvidia graphics card,
but ",
"you have not installed the
solution "Download the Nvidia installer and run it."

Similar rule blocks could be written for all sorts of other problems.
E.g. if your sound hardware doesn't have read permissions for all, but
your version of
xmms is not suid. Security holes, all sorts of things could be

Does something like this exist already? Something not meant to check
one or two specific problems, but designed to grow into a system that
check for many, or all, problems?