I just installed RH 9.0 for a friend of mine, and since she did not read
english I intalled the russian language. Initialy everything was OK,
but after a while keyboard in the graphical login prompt starts to be
russian after reboot.

I asked he to try every possible combination I can imagine to change the
layout: LSift+RShift, Ctrl-Alt, ... but no luck. Then I asked her just
press some random keys among Shift, Alt, Ctrl and somehow it changes the
keyboard layout and the scroll lock lights on. She logins OK, but after
reboot she got the same problem again. Random hitting works, but it is
interesting to know how exactly it works :-)

Any idea how to change kb layout (in prompt and in configuration)?

How to setup login without password: I found an option in Control Center,
but looks like it does not work?