I have been going through the source code of tintin to see about
adding key bindings. In working with this I found an issue with how
keybindings work in GNU readline. The problem is that function keys
have to be bound as sequences, but on my keyboard F5 has a sequence
that ends with '~', as does F6 - F12.

The way I would expect to code in "on the fly" key binding in tintin
involves having all user defined key bindings to call the same
function, but the function will have to know which key called it.
Since all you get in the callback is a count number and a number
representing the *last* key in the sequence I don't see anyway to tell
F5 from F12, for example.

I can certainly have a function for each key but I would like to avoid
this if possible. Does anyone know a way to do this? I hate to go
messing around with the readline implimentation to put something in
for this.

Thanks in advance,