Hey ya'll

Yesterday I installed Gentoo on my system. Complete with dualboot and
everything. But now I already got some problems:

1. I can't see the GRUB-menu. There's only a blank screen. But grub works,
because when I move down with the arrow, my winXP will boot and when i move
up again, Gentoo will boot. The only problem is that I can't see anything.

2. As for now, my gentoo will only boot up textbased (haven't installed
xwindows yet). But, the screen is scrambled. I can see where the letters
are, but I can't read them. The LiveCD worked fine and the first time I
booted gentoo it also worked fine, but since the second time, all I get is a
scrambled screen. I can type in commands and stuff, but I can't read

If anyone knows the answer to any of these questions I'd love to hear about
it. Or maybe some links to faq's, because google won't solve my problems.