During the installation of my linux system I gave it the hostname
'linux'. Now i've got a extra linux pc in my network (hostname: server)
and so I want to change the hostname of the first pc so it doesn't get
confusing. I did this by changing /etc/HOSTNAME. I replaced linux by
woody, the new name I want to use.

But now I get error messages from programs like lpc (and some others).
when I try to run it I get the following message:

root@woody:/home/pim# lpc
Get_local_host: hostname 'woody.localdomain' bad

Has anybody any idea what's going wrong here?? Don't I have a free
choice to choose and change the hostname everytime I want to, or is this
only possible when installing the system? Is there no decent way to
change it afterwards?

My system is a pentium 2 266mhz, 192mb ram, 10GB hd, slackware 9.1.

Could someone help me, please?

With kind regards,

Pim 'WWWebMaster' Vullers //// http://www.vullersnet.tk
pimvullers@hotmail.com (@ @) vullers@home.nl