Hello all,

I'm running mrtg on my RH 7.3 server at home. It worked fine for the past 6
months or so, but suddenly started acting up. At random hours during the
day, the cron script sends me an email like:

Rateup ERROR: /usr/bin/rateup found that s-fire.eth0ps's log file time of
1065971557 was greater than now (1065970862)
ERROR: Let's not do the time warp, again. Logfile unchanged.

but mentioning different log files, and different times. I put some echo's
in the cron script to see what's going on, and the times listed above are
exactly what's in the file, and the system clock respectively when the
script runs. I also checked and the system clock is working properly, no
jumping around or anything like that. I run the cron script every hour, and
I get errors like this about 2 or 3 times every day, at random hours.

Has anyone seen this before? How could the wrong time get into the log