I'm a newbie to Linux in oh-so-many ways, but I'm in at the deep end, so
here goes ...

I have two RH 9.0 machines connected to a dual-host SCSI RAID array. I want
to use OpenGFS to allow both machines to act as joint file servers against
the shared disk.

But I have a problem:

With the AIC-7902 controller I need a more up-to-date aic79xx SCSI driver
than 1.1.0. I used a driver update diskette with Justin Gibbs' 1.3.10
driver for RH 9.0 i686 on initial installation. But to build OpenGFS, I
need to create a new kernel from 2.4.20-8. How can I do this and use the
1.3.10 aic79xx driver? I've tried building the aic79xx module from Justin's
source for the 1.3.10 driver (without any of the OpenGFS patches or modules
but with some tweaks to the drivers/scsi/Makefile), and indeed when my
custom kernel boots it says it's using the 1.3.10 version, but shortly
afterwards the drive starts to hang, which is the symptom I was seeing with
the base install before I used 1.3.10.

What am I doing wrong? How can I do this?!?