Hi. I just decided to junk my MSI KT4V-L board because with Linux
2.4.20 I can not (and I see noone else can) get around the CDROM
problems. I have 2 HD on the Primary and a TDK ReWriter master and a
50x cdrom slave on the secondary. Only if I remove the 50x will it
recognize the TDK. Even then it won't play so I am presuming it won't
write. Oh well!
So I would like to know if anyone using 2.4.20 with an AMD 2200+ with a
similar ATX configuration can recommend a motherboard. I just went thru
an advert from a local vendor and compared it to those recommended by
AMD and was unable to find a single MoBo that was recommended. Seems
like everyone with nVIDIA and KT400 and mos SIS chipsets that is new is
having trouble with these boards. My perception from reading thru tons
of google search. HELP ME PLEASE. The K2-500 in my test system works
great but don't think it takes the 2200+. I am willing to take a slower
cheeper board rather than the slickest copper on the market.
Big Thanks,