Hi All,

OK... so I am a bit of a noob when it comes to Linux.

I am trying to set up a HLDS on a dual PII 333 system for my own gaming
pleasure and maybe a few friends.

So I found the an article on the server.counter-strike.net site that
talks about setting up a Half Life server.

Here is an excerpt from the instructions :

__________________________________________________ ____________________
Next, click here to download the latest full version of the Half-Life
dedicated server for Linux. The most current full version is called

The package is no longer distributed as a tar/gz file. It is distributed
as a .bin file that needs to be directly executed. So, after downloading
the file, make it executable and then execute it. For example:

chmod a+x hlds_l_3111_full.bin

You will be presented with a EULA, after which the usual tar/gz package
will be extracted. From there you gunzip and untar as usual.
So let's type:

tar zxvf hlds_l_3111.tar.gz

The computer will then proceed to unpack and install the dedicated server
in the hlds directory we created earlier in a directory called "hlds_l".
When it finishes, type:

cd hlds_l

You should now be in the directory "/hlds/hlds_l". Now you need to
download the Counter-Strike mod. Click here to download the latest full
version of it for Linux dedicated servers. The most current version is
called "cs_15_full.tar.gz".

Once the file has downloaded, type this in the CLI you are at:

tar zxvf cs_>15_full.tar.gz

This will unpack and install the Counter-Strike mod on your dedicated
__________________________________________________ ______________________

So the download is OK.

I run CHMOD on the file and receive no errors.

when I ./ the bin file for the next step I get a Segmentation Fault (core
dumped) error and nothing happens.

My Install of Mandrake is VERY minimal as I wanted to conserve space on
my meagre disks.

Is it possible that the bin file is looking for some component in the OS
that I have not installed ??

Any ideas ??

Setup :

Matched PII 333 512KB Cache
Intel DK440LX Mainboard
256 MB RAM
2 x 2.1 GB SCSI disks
4 MB AGP 1x S3 Video

Hope someone can help ...........