I bought Redhat 8 off ebay last year. Having heard of the great Linux
stability, and a long time computer user, I decided that, some time,
in the future, I would make the plunge if anything ever went wrong
with my Windows system.

I generally consider Windows 98, a better breed than Windows XP. It
uses a lot less memory, lot less processor intensive, but downside is
that it also crashes a lot to, whereas XP goes out with a big bang.

I deleted something off XP that I shouldn’t have. It was a file
that made the whole thing come down. I never knew that the whole
operating system, which is Windows XP, is based on explorer. Nothing
would work with internet explorer, it wouldn’t recognise when I
was on the internet, and trying to re-install it was like trying to
say that Windows 3.1 doesn’t crash at all.

Feel resentment that I couldn’t take something out of the
operating system to put it, quite simple back again, I vented my
anger, and out came Redhat.

Nice change, apart from where I got to Redhat not doing a graphical
installation on my machine, having to install from a text install, and
then my monitor not accepting to display the finished product, and
reverting to the same nice remarks as it did on my attempts at a
graphical installation which were “video mode not

Yes, it says it simply that the video mode isn’t supported, but
since I’m no IT linux genius I don’t know what or how or
why or when I will ever get a glimpse at what is the world of Linux.

My system is a emachine’s 270 with Intel Integrated Graphics
which I think is causing the problem. I know about installing stuff
in Windows, but, this!?

Please provide step by step instructions for everyone to see.

The world is a nice place with Linux.