I've tried installing a number of Linux distributions on an older gateway
desktop. The machine has an Athlon processor (987 mhz) and 384 megs of new
pc 133 ram. The motherboard is not a brand name and because of that there is
not a lot of support for it. I have tried installing Red Hat 9.0, Debian and
Mandrake 9.1 and even loading Knoppix but whenever I hit enter to install, a
bunch of addresses fly by that look like memory addresses. I have tried
different kernel configs (specifying memory size), hard drive configs,
different cd roms and also I bought a new stick of pc133 ram to try and I
still have the same results. My bios looks fine and I have set it to
defaults with no luck. Another weird issue with this machine is that Windows
XP loads up fine, a previous install. Any help would be greatly appreciated!