On Fri, 29 Aug 2003 22:29:00 -0700, RoboticGolem wrote:

> Ok, long story short, I have a linux box behind a linksysnr401(?) little
> routerbox thing... if my friend (or my work) try to connect, it always
> times out... but if he removes his router it works fine. Is it my
> router, is it something to do with how my *COUGH*redhat9*COUGH* is
> interpreting the traffic? When he is behind his DLink router (same as
> mine at work) it sends the request to the linuxbox (properly port
> forwarded in the routerconfig) I see his real ip and it
> stalls after just a few packets. But when he isnt behind his firewall,
> it works fine.

Just so I understand the setup...
You're *both* behind a router/firewall thingy ? Yours a Linksys, his a
DLink ? And when he connects *without* going through *his*
router/firewall thingy, it works fine ?
And all this is going over the net with "real" public IP's ? But on your
end it looks like it's coming from IP ?
Sorry to regurgitate it...But I'm a little slow this morning...

If that's the case, I'm not sure why *your* router would be the issue.
Sounds more like an issue with his. If you're seeing a 192.168.x.x IP,
which is in the "private" space, it sounds like the NAT on his end isn't
working quite right. His router should be showing you the IP of it's WAN
interface, not the IP of the machines behind it. It's up to the sending
device to do the translation, since the recieving end can't, or shouldn't
know what's behind the NAT at the other end. There's no way your router
can know how to get back to 192.168.0.x over it's WAN interface.
Also, is that the subnet you're using for your LAN interface ? If so,
your machine will think the traffic is local, and won't send it back out
the default gateway...The router.

I haven't used any of DLink's devices, but I know Linksys has regular
firmware updates for their's. So I guess I'd have your friend double
check his setup, and make sure both router thingy's are running the latest
rev of firmware...

- Matt -