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> I am currently seeking a distro that I can install on pc's for newbies to
> use.
> Here are some assumptions to help with getting ideas from people.
> Firstly, it must be easy to install. so that anyone familiar with windows
> installation can do this.

Slackware is easy

> Secondly, it should for preference, be a single cd in size.

Slackware comes in 1 CD

> Thirdly, it must be GUI in operation with as little commandline
> configuration as possible.

Slackware provides X

> Fourthly, it should be easilly viewable over a lan from a windows pc. so it
> can if possible be used as a gateway or server for a windows network.

Slackware provides SAMBA, SSH and many other network services.

> Fifthly, it MUST be available free of charge in some form or other.

Slackware can be downloaded for 0.00

> Sixthly, configuration and optimisation should be as easy as they would be
> in Windows98se or XP.

What? Exceptionally convuluted and difficult? I think I'd rather use

> Also, it cant be slow to use. therefore KDE 3 upwards as the kde 2 versions
> ive tried were slow and counter-productive.

Slackware provides a number of windows managers. You could even
install others?

> The reason for the above criteria is as follows.
> I do charity work supporting a network for a community organisation.
> The volunteers and clients are not very knowlegable regarding computers and
> resist what looks hard.
> They want things to just work for them. not to have to configure.
> They will accept a linux server if it can be easilly maintained and
> networked.
> Also, I am hoping to set up extra client pc's.
> Anyone with any distro suggestions would be helpful.

Also, the Slackware commuity is really nice... especially to charities
Don worri.. we help u... yay!