I would like to announce the availability of the Rau-Tu Question and
Answer System. The Rau-Tu system is a GPL system and is currently
available for many
topics. The system is available in three languages (English,
Portuguese and
Spanish). The Rau-Tu system for Linux, in Portuguese, has 17.000
stored in its database and the Spanish system has been recently
launched and needs advertising to catch on. A complete description of
system is available at http://www.rau-tu.unicamp.br/desc-en.html

Both systems are entirely based on the work of volunteers.

To know more about the Rau-Tu system visit

The Portuguese system is at http://www.rau-tu.unicamp.br/linux
and the Spanish one is at http://www.rau-tu.unicamp.br/linux_es

The latest version (1.2.1) is available for download at

Please, should you know anybody who might be interested in helping
questions or asking questions about Linux, please forward this message
to them and help us spread this idea. Should you be interested in
setting up a system like that in English feel free to download
the software and use it, for Linux or whatever other topic you have
in mind.

Thanks a lot,

Rubens, from Brasil