"Erik" wrote in message news:...
> I first installed Mandrake 9.1 with KDE, then uninstalled it and installed
> Red Hat 9 with both KDE and Gnome, but i cant really understand what the
> diffrence is between Mandrake and Red Hat...
> The only thing i noticed was that mandrake was much slower when you open
> programs. And it looked a bit diffrence, but not much when i used KDE on
> both...
> Q1:
> What is the diffrence?

There are many differences, most are very technical and at the level
of the programs they include with the distro.
> Q2:
> Do you use the same command in te terminal window with both the distro's?

Mostly, yes. There are some differences (e.g. location or presence
of the netconfig program)
> Q3:
> Should i bother to install Suse and see how that looks like, or is that
> waste of time?

It's your choice what distro you choose. I'm using Red Hat.
> Q4:
> Will program work for both versions?

Normally, yes. Most (that is, 99,99%) will work. Few are the
programs that don't work on different distros. They're like UFOs in
fact. Everyone talks about them, nobody has really, undoubtedly seen
> Q5:
> If i deside to use Red Hat. What GUI should i choose? KDE or Gnome? Does
> most program work on both, or do they only work on one of them? Does it
> mather what user interface i choose?

Whichever you wish. In fact, I remember being able to run some
(*some*, not all) Gnome programs under KDE.
> Q6:
> How is the system buildt up? When you install a program, where is is put
> then? Is it like windows, that the program put some files in a install
> directory, some in the system registry, and the rest in the os-folder? Or is
> it like the old DOS? You can run it directly without installing them.

That mostly depends on the software you install. The binaries are in
/usr/share, or /home/[user], or sometimes, if they have a win-like
install wizard, wherever you want them to be.
> Q7:
> What is the best method to install programs? Using rpm or tar.gz?

Again, the one you like most. I'd use rpm, but, well, if you like
another one...