I know what you said on Monday 18 August 2003 13:49, Denn Man.

> Hello All,
> I am an avid Linux fan and have been running various versions for a
> few years now. I have always been content to use Mandrake or Red Hat,
> TurboLinux or what-not, but now I am in need of something smaller. I
> have a friend with an old IBM laptop. He told me that it is a 386
> with little ram. I have been searching for a good small distro and
> found SmallLinux, with just the kernel, but it didn't work on my 486
> laptop with 8meg ram. I would appreciate any help in my quest for the
> almighty 386 kernel. The aim of this is for a programming computer.
> No advanced programming will be done, I just need a version of linux
> that will run gcc and have all the appropriate c files. Thanks again.


"I'm just more practically gifted," said Wobbler.
"You mean you just press keys until something happens."
"Well? Often things do happen."

(Johnny and the Dead - Terry Pratchett)