An update to PDP-10 DECsystem-10 Kermit from Nick Bush, one of the original
authors. This was one of the first Kermit programs written outside of
Columbia University, and it was written to be portable to three different
Digital Equipment Corporation platforms: the PDP-10 with TOPS-10, the VAX
with VMS, and the Professional 350 and 380 PDP-11 based workstations with
P/OS, the main three platforms in use at Stevens Institute of Technology in
1983, where Nick worked at the time.

While P/OS is long forgotten, VMS is still surprisingly strong after nearly
30 years (but nowadays we use C-Kermit there rather than Stevens'
Kermit-32). The 36-bit PDP-10, like its sibling the DECSYSTEM-20, were
highly influential machines of the 1970s and 80s. Although a few are still
operational, the resurgence of interest in them comes from the recent
availability of hardware emulators for these machines that can be run on
today's desktop architectures.

The new release of PDP-10 Kermit, Kermit-10 3.136, unifies the various
patches that have come in since Stevens halted development 20 years ago,
and also fixes a few bugs, notably incorrect terminal modes upon return from
CONNECT mode (e.g. ESC would echo as $).

Thanks to Nick for remembering how to do this!

The new version is accessible from the PDP-10 Kermit page:

as is information about the PDP-10 emulators and related topics.

- Frank