I am using K-95 for a very simple ftps connection.
If I create a dialer entry, and then create a shortcut, I can edit the
script to add "set locus remote" to avoid some popup confirmations of Locus
switching, and I can add a line or two to do the repetitive ftp transfer.

This task is so simple, I thought I could just leave it as a dialer entry,
except for two things.

The dialer login page seems to pass my login id, but not the password. I
have to enter the password.

In the script box at the bottom (I have no script specified or checked), I
thought I could type in a couple of commands like
set locus remote
put todayfile
but commands don't get executed from there.

The alternatives are to make a script, and then specify it in the login
box, or make a script and run that from a command line.

Am I wrong that I should be able to put some script lines directly in that

non-k-95 question:
With a Linux server running ProFtpd, the system has been configured to
accept normal ftp on port 21, and ftps on another port. K-95 connects to
either, with no change on my part other than the port number.
Couldn't ProFtpd be configured to do the same, accept an ftps or ftp
connection on port 21, instead of needing a separate port?

Clarence A Dold - Hidden Valley (Lake County) CA USA 38.8,-122.5