Today's upload adds large file support for FreeBSD, NetBSD 2.x, OpenBSD,
HP-UX 11.x, and UnixWare 7.1. These are in addition to the platforms where
large files were already supported, either by the "transitional interface"
for 32-bit builds (Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X), or by virtue of being true
100% 64-bit builds (Tru64 Unix or Alpha, Linux on X86_64 or Alpha, FreeBSD
on IA64, Solaris on Sparc when built as a 64-application, etc). In general
the transitional interface is preferable, since pure 64-bit builds are a lot
larger (on most platforms) than 32-bit builds that use a few 64-bit

Notably missing from the list are Solaris on Intel and AIX; I don't have
access to either of these any more. Also any version of Solaris prior to 9.
Also SCO OSR5 and Open Unix, which might or might not support large files,
plus any others I didn't mention.

As noted last time, every build that gets large file support also gets
large-number arithmetic as a bonus: 64-bit integers.

- Frank